All TV Software Should Be Free Gets Debunked

Many believe every 3rd party, low-cost pay to watch TV player software should be free. Otherwise, it’s a rip-off when a price tag is placed on it. The same people will argue that anyone can find whatever they want to watch online for free. This is partly true and partly false.

Fact is these are experienced people who found ways to watch many of their favorites online. As for newbies, they want to search less and watch more. Many of them don’t have the time, or willing to put in the work to watch their favorites online. But what has changed over the years is the growing number of 3rd party web TV services. These services either offer free-to-watch or pay-to-watch streaming content.

Many of these 3rd party TV services (free and pay to watch) have some gray areas. Still, many individuals go to these websites to watch sports, movies, TV shows, news, and so on. Others use software to watch what they want. This is where the Internet is today. There’s so much of this going on that it’s becoming harder, and time consuming, for content providers to go after them.

What many 3rd party web TV services are doing is link to other content websites that link to other websites, which is still copyrighted content. Either they offer the streaming content free or charge a fee, while adding some features and delivering hard to find content. It can be argued that paying for a piece of internet tv software to watch TV online should be free or not.

But what if one service delivers 100s of live premium TV channels to watch sports, movies, TV and news broadcast. And deliver them in HD and HQ picture quality – all from a piece of software. What if the same service has so much entertaining content that one might want to cut the cable cord or ditch the dish. The truth is more people are willing cut their TV subscriptions to save money, as long as they can watch many of their favorites online.

There happens to be a TV online software package available that will do all the above. In fact, the 3rd party service even offers a 7-day trial for a few dollars, with full access. Only those who don’t think that all these services/products should be free will benefit. The idea is to save time, do less work, to watch favorite TV shows movies, sports and news online.

Anything that can speed dial setting up a super web TV system is a welcoming thing to most newbies. After all there is so much to learn when starting out. Converting from traditional TV to Internet TV will take some time getting use to.

Nevertheless, paying for a good web TV service/product that does all the work for you, while delivering all your favorite channels makes paying the low one-time fee easy. If the web TV software is good enough and meets the demands of many TV viewers they will buy. Experienced people can do whatever it is they do watch TV online. But newbies just want a quick, easy setup.

There’s another desktop TV software that brings together both free streaming TV content and subscription-based content providers. Not only do you get access to, and can watch, on-demand TV shows and movies for free, but can opt into Hulu, Netflix, HBO Go, and others. This service is more legal than others. And many would and have paid to download the software.